Lux Product Roadmap

Lux is the digital front door to the unique cultural heritage and scholarship collections of Emory University, inviting discovery, learning, teaching, and creative endeavors for the Emory community and beyond.

Product Features for Version 1: Minimum Viable Product (2019 - 2020)

Web Accessibility/Section 508

  • Human-reviewed for conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AA (in accordance with forthcoming Emory policy)*

  • Automated accessibility using industry standard tools (e.g. Wave)

Mobile-friendly, responsive design

  • Access digital content through a variety of devices


  • Displays Emory Libraries branding and styles

  • Displays digital objects’ collection and library/unit affiliations

  • Displays contact information for collections and content

Discovery, Search and Browse

  • Simple and advanced search options

  • Browse by collection

  • Browse, sort and refine results with Emory-defined facets (library name, creator name, subjects, content type, genre, language, date, rights status)

  • Featured content and collections on homepage/landing page

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Save/bookmark items

File Previews and Download Options

  • Universal Viewer integration providing content previews and interactions (zoom, pan, rotate, page turning, for common formats: text, images, audio, video)

  • Download options for files (based on rights/access controls)

Streaming Media and IIIF Support

  • Streaming delivery of large media files 

  • IIIF output for digital objects (enabling views and interaction through Universal Viewer, ability to copy code snippets for embedding on other sites)

Complex Digital Object Support

  • Support for display of multi-part (e.g. fronts and backs of images) and nested objects (e.g. books with multiple volumes)

  • Navigation for hierarchical/nested content

Access Controls and Embargoes

  • Enforce Curate-supplied access controls to view and download digital content (public, Emory campus, private/dark)

  • Enforce additional access controls to digital content (specific IP ranges/Reading Room access)
  • User-facing rights status and usage guidance for digital content

  • Display of access restriction information

  • Display of tombstone records for deleted or decommissioned content

Citation Building and Export

  • Automatic citation builder for digital objects in MLA, APA, Chicago styles*

Persistent Identifiers and URLs

  • Unique, persistent URLs supporting long-term access, sharing and citation

Reporting and Analytics

  • Google Analytics integration

Version 1+ Enhancements

Discovery, Search and Browse

  • Google Scholar discovery optimization

  • Multi-language support*

  • Social media/email sharing options (email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS)

Access Controls and Embargoes

  • Display of access restriction expiration dates

Citation Building and Export

  • Export citations to citation management tools (Zotero, EndNote)*

File Previews and Download Options

  • Universal Viewer integration providing content previews and interactions for additional formats: audio, video, misc. binary files
  • Download/request full Preservation Package

Streaming Media and IIIF Support

  • Streaming delivery of audiovisual media

* Emory University, Blacklight, Samvera roadmap or external service partner dependency