Emory Preservation Repository Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

The Emory Preservation Repository (Cor1), is the technology that curates, preserves, and delivers long-term digital access to unique cultural heritage and scholarship collections from Emory University.

The Emory Preservation Repository 

  • Enables users to discover and explore digital and digitized collections with ease
  • Provides self-service applications and tools for curators, content owners, and content creators to provide enhanced access to unique Emory content via the web
  • Integrates with Emory workflows, services, and technologies to streamline the building of shared online collections
  • Offers robust preservation of digitized and digital content regardless of format to ensure
    long term access 
    well into the future
  • Leverages open technical standards and community-sourced best practices

The Cor Program team aspires to develop products and services that are

  • Aligned - to the larger commitments and missions of the Libraries, LITS, Emory, and Samvera communities
  • Shareable - enables interoperability, shared solutions, and shared collections; furthers the greater good of the repository community at large
  • Sustainable - achievable with existing resources and skills, supported by knowledge transfer
  • Collaborative - fosters and engages internal and external partnerships via regular communications
  • Comprehensive - scales to meet the collective needs of the Libraries and Emory University
  • Responsive - adapts to changing needs, resources, technologies
  • Useful - supports a broad spectrum of user needs; facilitates the creation and preservation of digital collections
  • Visible - promotes discovery of and access to unique Emory digital collections and the Program’s processes and services

[1] Latin for “heart”. Inspired by the Emory motto, “The wise heart seeks knowledge”