Phase 1: 2019 - 2020

The project completed its first implementation phase, building two of the three Cor repository products and related integrations. The public-facing front end is live at

The project phase also included the migration of 5 pilot collections prioritized by Emory Libraries' Digital Collections Steering Committee.

Frequently Asked Questions about implementation are also available in this section.

Cor Repository Applications

The Cor Repository Suite is comprised of three Samvera-based applications, which draw from a shared preservation infrastructure:

  1. Lux: (in production) a customized Blacklight-based application which provides discovery and delivery of Emory repository assets to the Emory community and greater research community
  2. Curate: (in production) a customized Hyrax-based Library Staff curation tool providing specialized ingest, management and preservation of Emory repository digital assets
  3. Self Deposit: (planned) a customized Hyrax-based mediated submission tool supporting multiple deposit workflows for campus content creators and submitters