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Phase 1: 2019 - 2020

The project has moved into completed its first implementation phase, building two of the three Cor repository products and related integrations. The public-facing front end is live at

The project phase also includes included the migration of 5 pilot collections prioritized by Emory Libraries' Digital Collections Steering Committee.


The Cor Repository Suite is comprised of three Samvera-based applications, which draw from a shared preservation infrastructure:

  1. Lux: (in production) a customized Blacklight-based application which provides discovery and delivery of Emory repository assets to the Emory community and greater research community
  2. Curate: (in production) a customized Hyrax-based Library Staff curation tool providing specialized ingest, management and preservation of Emory repository digital assets
  3. Self Deposit: a (planned) a customized Hyrax-based mediated submission tool supporting multiple deposit workflows for campus content creators and submitters