Self-Deposit Product - Preliminary Roadmap

This is the preliminary roadmap for Self Deposit workflows related to the Cor repository. This roadmap is not yet finalized.

Preliminary Roadmap for Version 1 (Minimum Viable Product)

Submission workflow management

  • Configurable approval steps for reviewing content before submission
  • Support for multiple campus submission workflows

Flexible File Format Support

  • Ability to preview, deposit and preserve wide range of file types

  • Support for large files

  • Deposit files from network sources (Box, Dropbox, etc.)

Support for Relating Content

  • Ability to create multiple types of links to related material within, or external to, the repository

Metadata Management

  • Support for Emory Core Metadata and DLP Metadata Application Profile

  • Create and edit descriptive metadata through configurable submission forms

  • Import authorities data from Emory Shared Data, Library of Congress, and other sources

  • Deposited files receive automatically generated technical/characterization metadata

Rights Management

  • Support for Emory-defined rights metadata (user facing)

  • Support for and Creative Commons integrations

  • Support for relating content to submission agreements

  • Integrated submission agreements for self-deposit

Access Controls and Embargoes

  • Tiered access to digital content (public, Emory campus, specific IP ranges, private/dark)

  • Ability to restrict access for specified durations or to arbitrary calendar dates (embargoes)

Digital Asset/Digital Collection Management

  • View and deposit material into larger Libraries’ Collection structure

Content Dissemination/Export

  • Materials deposited receive dissemination/export to approved channels through Curate

Digital Preservation, Storage & Monitoring

  • Materials deposited receive standard preservation services through Curate

Reporting and Analytics

  • Dashboard and workflow-specific reporting for Self-Deposit activities

User & Permissions Management

  • Emory user data integration

  • Shibboleth authentication

  • Configurable permission groups and roles

Persistent Identifiers and URLs

  • Self-deposited materials automatically receive unique, Cor-generated persistent identifiers and URLs

Data and Security Compliance

  • Compliance with Emory LITS Security requirements