Preparing Material for Ingest

Material to be ingested into the Cor repository must align with Emory's Digital Collections and Preservation Policy, including at a minimum:

  1. Content files
  2. Descriptive metadata (in a CSV file)
  3. Rights review and documentation of the copyright and license status of the content

Material deposited into the Cor repository must also comply with Emory Libraries guidelines regarding Sensitive Data Deposits.

Planning Documents and Templates

Overview of General Steps to Prepare for Bulk-Imports of Collections

Preparing collections for the bulk-import process involves a few steps and typically involves multiple teams.

  1. Digital files are prepared and and inventoried
  2. Collection specialists prepare collection-level and object-level metadata spreadsheets
  3. Collection specialists and LTDS convert metadata spreadsheets to ingest-ready CSV format
  4. LTDS team generates export of Alma records (if applicable)
  5. LTDS team transfers files to AWS storage
  6. LTDS team runs bulk import process 

Please see also specific guidelines for preparing DAMS-managed content and Digitized Books content.