Repository Architecture

Requirements and best practices related to information architecture and content modeling for the Fedora repository will be listed here.


  • Perform an inventory and analysis of Emory content instances and content models
  • Survey other organizations’ models and concepts
  • Develop object definitions/types (e.g. collections, objects, other entities) and their relationships to one another.
  • Coordinate with Digital Preservation and Technology groups regarding storage integration strategy for different file use scenarios for object models (e.g. access versions vs. masters; large file storage needs v. generic file storage needs)*
  • Identify SIPs, AIPs, and DIPs structures to support digital preservation needs*
  • Models of objects in preservation inside and outside of Fedora; object deletion and retention; object relationships related to preservation scenarios (versioning, migration, redaction, deletion, etc.)*
  • Specify implementation needs for Arks/PIDs/PURLs (related to object structures)*
  • Coordinate with Metadata group regarding ontology development for managing object relationships*

*Work de-scoped for Discovery Phase