The Metadata Implementation Working Group identified requirements and specifications for the Samvera repository (delineated as descriptive, technical, preservation, rights, administrative/workflow). The group's original charter is as follows:


  1. Descriptive metadata standard (Emory Core Metadata and extended elements for repository content workflows)
  2. Preservation metadata standard (e.g. use of PREMIS/events)
  3. Technical metadata standard (digital file properties)
  4. In coordination with larger Metadata Working Group, develop metadata management strategy identifying canonical systems of record for descriptive metadata workflows
  5. Provide requirements to Repository Management group for metadata editing interface (e.g. configuring metadata fields; templating; managing mappings and encoding)
  6. Rights/access metadata standards (e.g. user facing notes; copyright status; rights determinations for digitization, ingest and dissemination)
  7. RDF prototype mappings*
  8. Evaluation of metadata needs within PCDM/Fedora object structures (structural metadata as needed for content modeling)*
  9. Controlled vocabulary needs
  10. Ontology development (if applicable), in coordination with Architecture group*
  11. Coordinate Emory representation in related Hydra Working Groups/Interest Groups

*Work de-scoped for Discovery Phase