Repository Management

Functional requirements and/or policy related to management of assets and entities within the repository (assets, users, permissions, metadata, policies), reporting and tracking, staff-facing interface needs will be listed here. 


  1. Develop user profiles for staff users managing repository entities.
  2. Create matrix of entities, roles, activities and user stories to articulate Management activities and permissions:
    • In conjunction with the Repository Architecture group, identify management activities performed on repository entities (objects, collections, files, policies, agreements, etc.: creating, editing, deleting, triggering preservation actions)
    • In conjunction with Repository Architecture group, determine staff needs around managing versions of content (e.g. metadata versioning; file versioning; whole object versioning; object restoration)
    • Outline needs for users/permissions management within a management application (users, groups, roles, etc.)
    • In coordination with the Deposit group, identify access controls and roles needed to support deposit and approvals
    • In conjunction with the Content Display FRG and DCSC, determine requirements for access controls for discovery, viewing, downloading, embargoes, and leases.
  3. Develop requirements for search and display of repository entities within a management system context
  4. Develop requirements for reporting (e.g. inventory, storage projections, staff activity, throughput: turnaround for ingest/process materials; volume of work)
  5. Gather requirements for external identifier management (e.g. DOIs, ORCIDs, ISNIs)
  6. Coordinate Emory representation in related Samvera Working Groups/Interest Groups